Arne Stout

A devout and extremely zealous paladin who serves Lynd and her Builders


Very long blonde hair and beard, braided here and there, wore plate with Lynd symbols scattered around on it, his favourite small bit of scripture stuck onto one of his shoulder-plates. Wielded an ancient Haabriadhor king’s Hammer.



Recent Notable Events

  • Felled the Half-orc Zin Godan, his travelling companion.
  • Returned to O’ertark in their time of need after uncovering an upcoming orc raid.
  • Fled from the Haabriadhor Tomb due to a beholder. It often haunts him still.
  • Threw the soon-to-be king Aurelius from his horse, proclaiming him as an enemy of his faith.
  • Single-handedly killed Apophis the deciever.
  • Struck a deal with Death after the fall of his faith.
  • Had some sort of part in the destruction of Numina.

Arne Stout

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