Kvex Haabriadhor

A giant, simple brute.


Large man, well above 6 feet tall with dark hair. Speaks with simple words in quick sentences muttered in a deep monotone voice.



Kvex Haabriadhor is the son of Crek Haabriadhor. A lord with his own manor and a handful of servants in the kingdom of Bryten. As a young lad Kvex had shown promise, he was smart, strong and sensible. He got on with his family and servants well enough and was extremely respected amongst his peers, however this comfortable life came to an abrupt unfortunate end.

As a boy of 19, nearing his 20th nameday, his father took him out on a trip. Just the two of them, they went out up a mountain not too far from their estate and after but a few hours discussion about Kvex’s future and other such lordly things the weather turned frightful. Rain bucketed down and the wind howled, due to the sudden change they decided it be best to return. And during their descent down the mountain Kvex took a fall. He slipped upon a wet rock and fell a few feet down the side of the mountain before coming to a halt against a large boulder, clocking his head against it. When awoken in the morning in his own bed, he came across different to everyone.

It turned out the strike to his head had left him simple. He spoke with few words and with a slow pace. He seemed to show much less emotion than usual, showing no interest in people or their conversations. All his enthusiasm towards his future and potential inheritance had disappeared, for weeks after the incident he was often found out in the nearby village down by the smith. Oogling parts of armour and racks of weaponry.

One fateful day his father had decided to stage an intervention. Try to get through to the poor boy. Crek had two servants bring Kvex to his room, unfortunately along the way the two lackeys had to resort to pulling and nudging the lumbering oaf along as he was extremely reluctant to go anywhere but could do naught but lock up at the arising conflict. As they eventually herd the young man to the door Crek emerges and begins scolding the lot of them. He starts on the servants for man-handling his son before turning to Kvex to begin his lecture. Although the boy was simple, he was able to comprehend what was going on. The disappointment and frustration his father felt seemed to come out as anger and eventually Kvex snapped. He broke free one of his arms from a helper who had been attempting to keep him from moving backwards and then threw his arm back into the little man, sending him sprawling. His father began shouting louder and the other servant tried to pull Kvex away from the fallen man and in retaliation he lashed out again with a vicious punch to his restrainer’s face. Kvex’s second victim’s head was violently pushed backwards from the blow and hit the wall directly behind him, before slumping to the floor, blood seeping out from his wound and staining the carpet.

Before anyone could do much of anything Kvex began to run. He ran as fast as he could pushing over anyone who tried to stop him. He heeded no warning from his siblings or his pregnant mother, on his way out of the village he stopped by the blacksmith. He hurriedly asked for the best armour and weapon he had. The man brought out a set of plate armour all kitted up inside a bag and a flail. Kvex quickly delved into his pockets and emptied them of all money he had. Much to his dismay all he had amounted to around 1 gold piece. The smithy denied Kvex and began to take the items off the table infront of them, going to return them to the back. But before he could Kvex clocked him from behind with a hammer nearby and took the items he wanted and continued his run, out into the world.

Recent Notable Events

  • Travelled to Dunmos with two other adventurers to seek out the cause of the Green Sun curse that plagued the kingdom. Which led them to the underdark.
  • Left his group in the underdark and wound up in the wastelands east of Andor.
  • Kvex traded some underdark goods and coin for a giant sword named ‘Crom’ which had several magical attriubutes.
  • Months down the line his old companion had hired a few swords and tracked him down.
  • Was slain in the Wastelands inside a crumbling church by his old Companion Ferrin and two other warriors Hawke And Arne Stout.

Kvex Haabriadhor

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